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'Akasha Project - Spheres' - Doppel CD Album - 2016

Label: Klangwirkstoff Rec. 011

CD 1 - Outside

Outside my room is the city I live in, the earth and the space.

I am speeding with the Earth 100 000 km per hour around the Sun.

The sun, with all her solar planets, orbits with 800 000 km/h the centre of the Milky Way.

The cosmic dance.

I am part of this gigantic oscillating System .

In alternative medicine planetary oscillation is being used as a therapeutic method.

I am creating music with it.

CD 2 - Inside

If I direct my attention inward I can see that the environment and myself consist of countless molecules and atoms.

Every molecule is a wonderful pulsating-oscillating Mandala.

Using electronic spectroscopy, we can analyze a certain number of exact color values for every substance.

Those color oscillations will be lowered about 40 octaves using the octave formula so that we are able to hear them.

Atomic electron transitions or quantum leaps within the molecule determine which and how long each tone resounds.

Quantum Music

Release date 08.05.2016

'Akasha Project - Berchtesgadenfiles 2014

Label: Bandcamp
Liverecordings from the cosmic night at the Salthealcavern Berchtesgaden 2014.
Listen and download @ Bandcamp

Akasha Project at Bandcamp.com

'Akasha Project - Sounds from behind the Mirror'     2013

Label: Bandcamp
Sounds from the LSD-25 Molecule.
Listen and Download at Bandcamp

Akasha Project - Sounds from behind the Mirror at Bandcamp.com

'Akasha Project - Blue Mercury'     2013

Label: Bandcamp
A symphonic trip with Planet Mercury around the sun.
Listen and Download at Bandcamp

Akasha Project - Blue Mercury at Bandcamp.com

'The Quantum Music of the Silicium Atom '     2013

Label: Bandcamp
The Electron jumps of the Silicium Atom put into music
Listen and Download at Bandcamp

Akasha Project - Silicium at Bandcamp.com

'Solar System'     2012

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records

The planets orbits around the sun are acoustically represented by applying Hans Coustos cosmic octave system.

The Solar System CD contains seven tracks of therapeutic effective music, tuned by harmonic principles, which support deep relaxation.

The tone frequencies of this music were calculated purely mathematically physically. Those basic tones also known as Urtones by the work from Joachim Ernst Berendt are based on natural science.

These are acoustic high potentials of real frequencies.
All tone intervals are tuned purely diatonic to present the natural overtone series.
All sequences and melodies have its source from the partial tones natural play above the basic tones.
Sämtliche Sequenzen und Melodien entspringen dem natürlichen Spiel der Teiltöne über dem Grundton.

Solar System is spherical music, which makes archetypical frequencies audible.
A natural listening experience which invites the senses to perceive the surrounding cosmic reality.
A powerful auditory travel through the solar system.

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Cosmic Octave Orchestra

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records

Concert of the Cosmic Octave Orchestra,
at Richochet Gathering
Electronic Music Festivals at 17.10.2010
in Berlin Rathaus Schöneberg.

The Cosmic Octave Orchestra are Steve Schroyder (Ex Tangerine Dream, Anne Clark Band, SSO),
B.Ashra and Akasha Project.
Supported by the Overtonevoices of Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich aka Alien Voices.

More Informations and Sound + Video at Klangwirkstoff

'H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen -
Der Klang der Wasserstoffatome'     OUT NOW

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records

Holistically acoustic description of the electron jumps of hydrogen.

This work and the production of a preferably pure description of the harmonic conditions on the microcosmic quantum level was created in a period of ten years.
With the calculations of the octave-analogue frequencies of the hydrogen atoms Cousto provided an important indication that even at the quantum level of atoms, the harmonic laws retain their validity.

Hydrogen is the atomic "stem cell" of our universe

All matter and thus the world in which we live, and ultimately we ourselves, were created from hydrogen.

Meditations with the sounds of hydrogen can give an impression about what holds the world in its core together.

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'The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule'     2009

Label: Planetware Rec.
Live at World Psychedelic Forum Basel 21.03.2008


'The Philosopher's Stone - Albert Hofmann - 100 Years Old'     2008

2-DVD Dokumentation of the Sprit of Basel Event at the 100.Birthday of Albert Hofmanns in January 2006.

This 5-hour documentary in German/English includes lectures presented by Albert Hofmann, Ralph Metzner, Alex Grey, Martin A.Lee and many more.
These lectures describe and discuss the complex aspects of LSD.
The film is also framed by special visualized concert recordings of the Saturday night's symposium evebt performed by Akasha Project (sound recording of the LSD-25-molecule), Star Sounds Orchestra and Guru-Guru.
Additional highlights exhibit exclusive interviews with two German artits Thomas D. (musican) and Wolfgang Maria Ohlhäuser (painter).
In Cooperation with Boris Hiesserer aka B. Eden.

Info: LightRiders

'Cosmic Ambient Garden' Re-release      2008

Label: Planetware Rec.
Re-release of the 2002 released album
13 cosmic tuned ambient tracks.

1 Welcome     2:37
2 Zero Seven   Mars   6:45
3 Chemical Seed   MDMA   6:32
4 Cosmic Garden   Earthly year/solar day   8:37
5 Electric Mantra   Earthly year   4:02
6 Venus Fly   Venus   7:15
7 Platonik Feel   Platonic year   6:58
8 Field Walk   Earthly year   4:26
9 Jules Verne   Jupiter/Sun   5:46
10 A day of the World   Earthly day   8:08
11 Mercury Mind   Mercury   4:48
12 Sunrise   Sun   2:39
13 Just one turn away   Platonic year   8:42

Info: www.planetware.de
For hearing: www.myspace.com/planetware

Klangwirkstoff Compilation (2 CD)
'active agent of sound'     2007

Label: Klangwirkstoff Rec.
International trip through the worlds of the 'Klangwirkstoff' universe.


'Cosmic Colors'     2007

Label: Planetware Rec.
Reissue with new artwork.
Five cosmic/diatonic tuned groovy ambient tracks.

1 ELECTRIC AUM   Earthyear   14:34
2 MOONFLOWER   synodic Moon   14:42
3 VENUS CLOUD   Venus   11:55
4 FINAL LINE   Sun   6:51
5 DREAMS   Average solar day   14:25

info: www.planetware.de

Brain Entertainment Laboratory - In Ovo     2007
live at Fusion Festival

Label: klangwirkstoff Rec.
The basic principles of this musical scoring bases upon Hans Coustos calculations, who found the octave-analogue frequencies related to the 6 mainspectra (main resonances) of the THC Delta 9 molecule.

The spectral analysis is the admitted scientific method to classify molecules and to calculate their resonances. This active agent of sound (Klangwirkstoff) is a homeopathic-acting media.

B.E.L. transfer these calculations into a Live-Ambient-Dub session going from electronic to bizarre.

With that first Online Release the Label Klangwirkstoff from Berlin showcase themselves.

Get it now from DJTUNES.COM!

'Earth Trilogy'     2006

Label: Planetware Rec.
Re-publication of the Earthsound Trilogy as a double CD-R.
Emerald Earthwave, Vermillion Daystream and Purple Mind in a new 'gown' – now available at Planetware.

For details – see Earth Sound Trilogy below.

CD - Medienschamanismus  
'Medienschamanismus'     2006

DVD with several contributions on Cyber Culture.
More than 68 hours of music, lectures and more.
Amongst others B.E.L. meets Thomas D. (LSD-Tuning and Lyrics), the complete album of Cosmic Colors , a Livecut of Hans Cousto and Akasha Project collaboration in Heidelberg as well as a live cut of Hans Cousto and Brain Entertainment Laboratory (B.E.L.) during the Fusion Festival 2005.

Akasha Project CD - Cosmic Colors  
'Cosmic Colors'     2005

CD-R mit 5 Tracks
latest cosmic tuned ambient music Akasha Project
Basic key notes according to calculations by Hans Cousto. All intervals are pure and tuned diatonically.

The Earth Sound -Trilogy: 'Klangwirkstoff' on the basis of three fundamental frequencies for the earth person – according to the law of the cosmic octave by Hans Cousto
Akasha Project CD - Emerald Earthwave  
'Emerald Earthwave'     2003

C sharp with 136.10 Hz and a speed of 63.80 bpm.
This is the frequency of the earth year as well as of the orbit of the earth around the sun. Coincidentally this is the equivalent tone of the Tibetan OM and the key note of the Indian Sitar.

Akasha Project CD - Vermillion Daystream  
'Vermillion Daystream'     2003

In contrast to the relaxing flow of the earthyear sounds (Emerald Earthwave) is the dynamic sound ‘g’ of the Earth Day. The octave-analogue vibration of the 24-hour earth day is equivalent to the frequency of 194.18 Hz (the median day of sun) and 194.71 Hz (star date/day) in the audible region for human perception. When the 65th octave has been transposed it is an intense orange-red of 702 nanometer wavelength. The octave is equivalent to the maximum resonance of the terrestrial DNA.

Akasha Project CD - Purple Mind  
'Purple Mind'     2003

The third fundamental Earth Concert Pitch is the platonic Earth Year.
This refers to the precession of the earth axes. It comprises of an interval of 25920 years.
The platonic earth year sounds appear as an F and with a frequency of 172.06 Hz in the audible region in its 47th octave and the octave-analogue speed of 80.65 bpm

Akasha Project CD - Cosmic Ambient Garden  
'Cosmic Ambient Garden'     2002

Label: Insolation Chilling

Distribution: NOVAmd: CD 93315-23

Thirteen delicate sound images invite to a horizontal journey. According to the law of the cosmic octave by Hans Cousto the 'Klangwirkstoff' is a sound of fluidity and sophistication creating a perfect setting for the individual 'cinema of the mind'.
The tunings are organized according to the affect, which it has on the mind. This may trigger the sub-consciousness representing an entrance to the hidden archaic levels of dream states.
77 minutes and 13 seconds of sensitive, audio contemplation offer the possibility to penetrate conventional concepts of reality.

Brain Entertainment Laboratory CD - The Sound of THC  
'B.E.L.. – The Sound of THC'     2001

Label: Insolation Chilling

Distribution: novamd: CD 93311-23

Ricky Deadking (Eru), Tommelon, B.Ashra und Barnim (Akasha Project) published and produced the first CD of the octave-analogue sound of the Delta-9 THC molecule

Akasha Project CD - Always  
'Always'     2000

Label: Insolation

Distribution: EFA

CD -Album amongst others with sounds of the cosmic octave.

Akasha Project CD - Scent of Life  
'Scent of Life'     1999

Label: High Society

Distribution: EFA

Double CD-Album.
CD1 – Tekno-Trance. CD2 ambient sounds with first pieces of the tunings of Delta-9 THC molecule.

Akasha Project CD - MDMA Tuning  
'MDMA – Tuning'     1998

Label: High Society

Distribution: EFA

First release of Akasha Project.
10 pieces tuned according to the MDMA molecule.
Published together with Hans Cousto’s text of the same name at Nachtschattenverlag.

Participations of Akasha Project at Compilations until 2002:
Eve+Rave Benefit,Trigger 1996 ; Paradise Trance, Paradise Prod. 1997 ; Survival of the Trippest, High Society 1998 ; Lovefield Earth Spirit, Freeform 1999 ; Psychedelic Demons 2, Zoomshot 1999 ; Psychedelic Gate 1, Zoomshot 1999 ; The Psychedelic Experience, Chakra/SPV 1999 ; Sun Tribe 1, Zoomica 2000 ; Guitars on Mushroom 1, Zoomica 2000 ; Psychedelic Gate 2, Insolation 2000 ; Spiritual High 2, Cycronaut 2000 ; Alien Dust 1, Zoomica 2000 ; Psychedelic Chillout 1, Insolation 2000 ; Sprit of Ankh 1, Psysolation 2001 ; Sun Tribe 2, Zoomica 2001 ; Guitars on Mushroom 2, Zoomica 2001 ; Psychedelic Gate 3, Insolation 2001 ; Cafe del Goa, Zoomica 2001 ; Single Assemblage 1, Insolation 2001 ; Psychedelic Demons Vol.3, Insolation 2002 ; Psychedelic Chilling 2, Insolation 2002 ; Sun Tribe 3, Zoomica 2002 ; The Chilling Compilation 2, Zoomshot 2002 ; Psychedelic Home Listening 1, Zoomica 2002 ; Spirit of Ankh 2, Psysolation 2002 ; Psychedelic gate 4, Insolation 2002.
Akasha Project on Vinyl:
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E-Rection Remix
  High Society 1998
Electric Church / Chain of Reaction   High Society 1999
4-Track Vinyl
  Insolation 2001
B.E.L. – The Sound of THC   Insolation Chilling 2002
Busy Mankind / Ghostie   Insolation 2002